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Psychology Society MUN Relay for Life Team

On January 26th 2013, the Psychology Society organized three teams to participate in the Canadian Cancer Society's Annual MUN Relay for Life.  Thirty students participated from the Psychology Department, and the participants far surpassed their fundraising goal of $3,000. Upon arriving at the Relay in the MUN Field House, students from the MUN Psychology Department had raised a total of $4,404!

Psychology Society Relay for Life Team


Psychology Society Food Drive

On October 21st, 2011 the Psychology Society organized a food drive to support the Campus Food Bank and the Community Food Sharing Association. They collected over 760 food items, which surpassed their initial goal of 500 donated food items. Upon dropping off their 760+ food items to Hatcher House, the society was praised for being the only student society on campus to organize a food drive to support the I Love MUNDays food collection initiative.



Junior Highschool Enrichment Programme

Each year at the end of April, the Psychology Department offers a 2-day mini-course enrichment programme in Animal Psychology. A number of faculty, staff and students (grad and undergrad) give one to two hour presentations of the work they do to 8 Junior Highschool students. Some subjects that the mini-course may include is rat brain dissection (including mounting and staining), training rats/mice to perform tasks that answer questions about how they learn, observing duck behaviour at Burton's Pond, seabird research and other fieldwork challenges, dog and wolf studies, lab experiments with beta fighting fish, plus whatever else we can come up with (often varies from year to year).