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Printing Services

Printing Services is a Division of Financial and Administrative Services whose purpose is to provide complete printing and photocopying services to Memorial University. Our employees are trained to advise faculty and staff on University policies and procedures with regard to printing requirements. If your print requirements cannot be directly fulfilled by Printing Services for any reason then we will go to the market on your behalf and get the best possible price and delivery available.

Printing Services provides an efficient facility for in-house printing, duplicating and photocopying. This service is offered at the lowest possible cost to the University community as well as affiliated associations with on-campus functions. This facility is operated through a central service located in the Ingstad Building and satellite centres located in the Science and Engineering buildings.

Printing ServicesOur services are available to the University community for all aspects of pre-press, typesetting, photocopying, printing and bindery requirements, eg. layout and formatting of digital files, scanning, digital and offset printing.

Course manuals, scholarly journals, etc. may be stored for print-on-demand reproduction. Offset printed materials ranging from tickets, examination papers, forms, stationery, books, brochures and posters are produced and bound in black, process and/or Pantone inks.

Service to students will be provided for the photocopying of thesis and course related materials.

For further information contact Printing Services at 864-8233/34.