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Guides and Tutorials

We have prepared guides for our customers which are intended to resolve or avoid some of the most commonly encountered issues preventing optimal quality of the final product. They are linked from the menu to the right. Right now, we have the following guides available as PDF files:

Acrobat Font Embedding Guidelines gives general guidelines on setting up Acrobat Distiller to properly embed all fonts when generating PDF files. Our systems will reject PDF files that do not have all fonts embedded, and Distiller's default settings have historically been set to never embed certain common fonts. Avoid unnecessary delays by reading through this guide and ensuring that your system is correctly configured!

The Job Preparation Guide for Designers details many of the capabilities of the Xerox Color 1000 Digital Presses on which we print most of the colour printing jobs here at Print and Mail Services. From color settings and paper types to design tips and output parameters, this guide answers many critical questions. We recommend reading through it to make sure you are optimizing your designs for maximum quality output on our equipment.

The Clear Dry Ink User Guide details how to use Xerox Clear Dry Ink in the Adobe Creative Suite applications.

The Web Services Quick Guide is a walkthrough detailing the steps of ordering a print job through our Web Services system.

The Web Services Tutorials are Flash-based walkthroughs demonstrating how to use the Web Services system.

The Print and Mail Services Standard Color Settings file for Adobe Creative Suite is a file containing the suggested settings from the Job Preparation Guide above. Once unzipped, it can be loaded via the Creative Suite Color Settings window.

The Print and Mail Services Standard PDF Creation Settings file for Adobe Acrobat and Creative Suite is a file containing the suggested settings for creation of PDFs for output on our digital presses.  Once unzipped, it can be loaded using the Add Adobe PDF Settings menu item in Adobe Acrobat Distiller or using the Adobe PDF Presets menu item in other Creative Suite applications.