Dr. Maynard J. Clouter

Professor Emeritus

  • M.Sc. Memorial
  • Ph.D. Toronto

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Office: C1062A
Labs : C1060/2
Phone: (709) 864-8884
Email: mclouter @ mun . ca
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Research - Condensed Matter Experiment

Research interests include Raman, Brillouin, and Infrared spectroscopic studies of simple molecular solids, liquids, and gases over the temperature range from 10 K to 300 K, and at pressures ranging up to 10 kbar. Information pertaining to phase transitions, intermolecular interactions, molecular dynamics, and elastic properties are of particular interest.

The Brillouin studies, and some Raman work, employ high resolution techniques, with multi-pass scanning Fabry-Perot interferometry and single mode Ar+ or DPSS lasers as the principal spectroscopic instrumentation. Three systems of this kind are currently in operation. Two variable-temperature liquid He cryostats are available, as also are two closed-cycle helium refrigerators capable of achieving temperatures down to 10 K.


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