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Welcome to Physics and Physical Oceanography

We offer undergraduate programs in Physics and Environmental Physics, as well as several joint degree programs with other disciplines. Graduate programs are offered at the M.Sc. level in Physics and Physical Oceanography and at the Ph.D. level in Atomic and Molecular Physics, in Physical Oceanography, in Condensed Matter Physics and in Theoretical Physics.

Research is actively being pursued in experimental, theoretical and computational aspects of:

  • Condensed Matter Physics: atomic collisions, magnetism, membrane biophysics, nano-physics, photonics, optical and vibrational spectroscopy, polymer physics, quantum materials, soft matter and colloidal physics.
  • Physical Oceanography: coastal oceanography, numerical modelling, ocean acoustics, ocean mixing, fisheries oceanography, laboratory fluid dynamics, ocean instrumentation and operational oceanography.

The department hosts hardware for the Atlantic Computational Excellence Network (ACEnet) and is home to our own computation and visualisation centre. We operate the only nitrogen and helium liquifiers in the province and run our own machine shop. The Bonne Bay Marine Station, on Newfoundland's west coast, is used for marine ecosystem research and teaching.

Please contact us directly for more information about our research, facilities, undergraduate and graduate programs, graduate application procedures or any other concerns.

Oct 3rd, 2013

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