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Name E-mail Phone
Neville, Ms. Shelley  Click to view  864-2560
Department: Music, Room: MU2003 
O'Neill, Ms. Audrey  Click to view  864-7486
Department: Music, Room: MU2000 
Panting, Mr. Sean  Click to view  864-7539
Department: Music, Room: MU2000C 
Parent, Ms. Samantha  Click to view  864-4826
Department: Music, Room: MU1003 
Power, Mr. Rob  Click to view  864-2475
Department: Music, Room: MU2015 
Proulx, Ms. Sylvie  Click to view  864-8466
Department: Music, Room: MU2004 
Qashu, Ms. Leila  Click to view  864-4826
Department: Music, Room: MU1003 
Regehr, Dr. Vernon  Click to view  864-3146
Department: Music, Room: MU2024 
Rice, Dr. Paul  Click to view  864-4130
Department: Music, Room: SN1023 
Roberts, Mr. Philip  Click to view  864-2543
Department: Music, Room: MU2009 
Ross, Dr. Clark  Click to view  864-7484
Department: Music, Room: MU2008 
Schiller, Dr. Caroline  Click to view  864-7543
Department: Music, Room: MU2013 
Sheppard, Ms. Gillian  Click to view  864-4826
Department: Music, Room: MU1003 
Staniland, Dr. Andrew  Click to view  864-7995
Department: Music, Room: SN1047A 
Steeves, Mr. Timothy  Click to view  864-2476
Department: Music, Room: MU2014 
Szego, Dr. Kati  Click to view  864-7479
Department: Music, Room: MU2010 
Szutor, Dr. Kristina  Click to view  864-3560
Department: Music, Room: MU2007 
Tonelli, Dr. Chris  Click to view  864-3666
Department: Music, Room: MMaP 
Volk, Dr. Maureen  Click to view  864-2543
Department: Music, Room: - 
Waterman, Dr. Ellen  Click to view  864-7486
Department: Music, Room: MU2000 

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