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School of Nursing News

Luke Redmond is a registered nurse (RN) in Bonavista

It’s not exactly like being a rock star, but working as a young registered nurse at the Bonavista Peninsula Health Centre comes with name recognition!

Dr. Gary Kachanoski presents a 2014 President's Award for Distinguished Teaching to Dr. Karen Parsons

School of Nursing (SON) professor, Dr. Karen Parsons' says her favourite teaching venue is the classroom.

SON nursing students launched spread the net in fall, 2012

It started as a project for Dr. Sandy MacDonald's fourth-year course in complex care. When SON students launched Spread the Net in 2012, they had hoped to raise $1,000 to help fight malaraia deaths in Africa. Now a new report is saying that there's been a dramatic cut in malaria deaths thanks to the efforts of many!