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Documents and Healthcare Information

Social Insurance Number: It is necessary for residents of Canada, whether Temporary Foreign Workers, Permanent Residents or Canadian citizens, to have a Social Insurance Number or SIN. This is needed to work legally in Canada. Apply for your SIN card as soon as possible after you arrive. For information on the documents necessary to obtain a Social Insurance Number please consult the Service Canada website. You may apply at this address or in person at the following Service Canada office:

Service Canada Centre
223 Churchill Avenue, Pleasantville
St. John's, NL A1A 1N3

Health Care and Medical Care Plan: As a resident of Newfoundland and Labrador, you will qualify for the Newfoundland Medicare Plan (MCP). The MCP is a health insurance plan that covers all basic care for you and family members residing in Newfoundland. Eligibility is based on your status in the province. Temporary Foreign Workers (here for 12 months or longer), permanent residents and Canadian citizens are eligible for coverage. You must register with MCP as soon as possible after you arrive. Applications can be found in doctors' offices and hospitals or may be downloaded at the MCP website. Please note as well the documents required for Canadians arriving from other provinces, as well as those required by persons arriving from outside of Canada. For general information on MCP, information on beneficiaries, eligibility and access to forms consult the Medical Care Plan website.

New faculty should also look at the Group Health and Life Benefits Plan under the section Personal and Family Needs.

Doctors Taking New Patients in the St. John's Area: For an up-to-date list call the government listing 729-4984.

Obtaining a Newfoundland and Labrador Driver's Licence: If you are already in possession of a Driver's Licence from another jurisdiction within Canada, or from the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria or the Republic of Korea, you may simply exchange your licence, within three months of arriving, for a Newfoundland licence provided the following criteria are met:

  • You are 17 years of age or older
  • Your existing licence has not been cancelled or revoked
  • Your licence is expired for no more than 5 years

Information on the process of obtaining a licence, documents required and application forms are available at the Driver Licensing website. Please note that driving licences are classed 1-5. Class 1-4 are commercial drivers. If you are simply looking for an individual licence, it is class 5. Please note as well that drivers under 18 need to be re-tested for the driver's licence or permit.

The Driver Licensing website also contains important information about obtaining a Driver's licence for new drivers, the Road User's Manual, and information about Medical testing.

Immigration: Information on Immigration is availabe on several websites. Citizenship and Immigration Canada explains the entire process. The Newfoundland and Labrador Office of Immigration and Multiculturalism promotes immigration to the province and has its own Provincial Nominee Program. You may contact any of these offices directly for information, or the Manager of Academic Recruitment, Support and Immigration at with any questions you have.

Student Permits: School-age children of faculty members entering Canada on a work permit are not required to have a student permit. However children of faculty members on a work permit, who will be attending a post-secondary institution, are required to obtain a student permit. Please see Citizenship and Immigration Canada for more info. Applications for student permits should be submitted with the application for employment authorization.

Spousal Work Permits: Spouses of foreign academics are permitted to work in Canada. Helpful information is available from this Citizenship and Immigration Canada website. Application for employment authorization can be made from within Canada.

Canadian Tax System: For information on the Canadian tax system please consult the Canada Revenue Agency. Workers in Canada must file an Income Tax and Benefit Return each year. The A to Z index contains helpful Quick Links. Information for individuals features a section, Learning About Taxes, that provides a detailed guide on filing an income tax return.