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2013 MUNPA Tribute Award
Maureen Dunne

Retired but Rewired?

Do you know Memorial retirees who have been re-energized in retirement, who are amazing in their energetic enthusiasm for volunteerism or for continued research or for generously sharing their knowledge and skills?  Then write an award nomination, right now!

The Board of Directors of Memorial University Pensioners’ Association (MUNPA) invites you to nominate an individual for a 2013 MUNPA Tribute Award.  These awards recognize the ongoing important contributions of Memorial’s retirees to the University or the community.   They celebrate significant post-retirement service and achievement by retired faculty and staff.  The service may be voluntary or remunerated,  in any of the following categories:

  • Service to the University
  • Service to the community (provincial, national, international)
  • Significant achievements in other areas that exemplify the ongoing contribution of the nominee

Retirees, whether faculty or staff, with not fewer than 5 years of continuous employment service with Memorial are eligible for nomination.  A nomination must include the support of two MUNPA members, but others are welcome to participate.  The nomination form can be obtained by clicking here or it may be requested from the MUNPA office by calling 864-6979 or by sending an e-mail to   Please visit the MUNPA Tribute Awards and Meritorious Service Awards tab on the left hand side of the MUNPA web page for further information about our awards. Other inquiries about the award process may be directed to Maureen Dunne, Chair of the 2013 Tribute Awards Committee, at .   The deadline for submission of nominations is July 31, 2013.

Apr 3rd, 2013

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