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Our Programme Committee (St. John's) has a full lineup of exciting and fun events for our members this Fall with lots of variety. As well as our Focus and  Special Interest Groups from last year, we have three new groups, the Outing Club, the Bowling Group, and the Woodcarving Group. We are also hoping to start a Games Group in November. We also have several very interesting sessions scheduled, so check them all out. We hope to see you at one or more of these events.

Have a suggestion for a new event or group? Email us.

Parking for St. John's events


New and Revised Groups (Fall, 2017)

See the links at the left for all our group details.

  • New: Steve Wolinetz is interested in starting a Games Club this fall, perfect for people who enjoy playing Chess, Scrabble or other games. If you’re interested, email Steve at, and we’ll put you on our Gamers’ list.  Check out the Games group page on the left for further details.

  • New: The Memoir Group has updated their site with news and contact information.  See their page on the left to view this update. 
  • New: Bowling with MUNPA is now a monthly game. We meet the third Tuesday of the month, 12pm at Holiday Lanes, Elizabeth Avenue. Check out our Bowling page on the left for more details on sign up and schedule.

  • New: Helger Eckenweber is starting a Saturday morning wood carving group for MUNPA. An information session will be held Saturday, October 21st at 10am in the MUNPA boardroom. This group is for all skill levels, starting at beginners. The Wood Carving link at the left has more information about this exciting new group.

  • New: MUNPA's Outing Club is a go: Our club link on the left has all the latest news.

Can’t find anything you are interested in?

The Programme Committee (St. John’s) is happy to sponsor new groups. If interested in forming or joining a new group – in the past, we have had interest in golf and/or tennis, a singing group, and a games club -- we would be happy to see if others are interested as well. We can arrange a room at the Lantern (35 Barnes Rd) or reserve the Mt. Scio Research Facility Boardroom for your use, provide coffee and tea and -- if needed -- funds to help the group get going, if these are needed. E-mail us your ideas at


Fall Programme Committee Events

Our Events menu link on the left has information for all our events. For all these events, pre-registration at required. Just name the event in your subject line.

Contingencies - Registration, Parking, etc.

Please check the MUNPA website News, events calendar and email notifications for news on activities and events.

New Event Suggestions

As always, the Programme Committee welcomes your Event suggestions. If you have an idea for a travel session, members’ forum or an outing or expedition, or know someone who does – or could lead one – please send your suggestions to us by e-mailing


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