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REF NO.: 57

SUBJECT: Health research funding worth $1.2 million for researchers at Memorial University
DATE: Oct. 20, 2005

The Canadian Institute of Health Research has awarded seven health research grants worth $1.2 million to researchers at Memorial University of Newfoundland in its latest round of funding. The studies will be carried out over periods of one to five years and cover a wide spectrum of health research.

Two of the major projects are hepatitis C studies by Canada Research Professor Dr.Thomas Michalak and studies of creatine synthesis in newborns by Dr. John Brosnan, University Research Professor.

Dr. Michalak, Faculty of Medicine, has been awarded an operating grant of $635,515 to study how the hepatitis C virus persists in the lymphatic system even after apparent recovery. Dr. Brosnan, Department of Biochemistry, has been awarded an operating grant of $302,036 to examine how newborns acquire creatine. Defects in creatine synthesis have been linked to neurological problems such as epilepsy and mental retardation

Dr. Guang Sun, Discipline of Genetics, received a one-year operating grant from the Institute of Nutrition, Metabolism and Diabetes in the amount of $107,158 for a study on Excellence, Innovation and Advancement in the Study of Obesity and Healthy Body Weight.

Drs. Robert Gendron and Hélène Paradis, Basic Medical Sciences, were awarded an operating grant of $99,451 from the Instituteof Genetics for studies on Tubedown-1 in blood vessel health and diseases.

Other awards went to graduate students. Janine Woodrow received a clinical research initiative doctoral research grant of $66,000 to study the regulation of rapid skeletal mineralization following lactation. Jared Clarke was awarded a $66,000 doctoral research award to study the nutritional effects on a vascular dementia model in rats. Sammy Khalili was awarded a Canada Graduate Scholarship master’s award of $17,500 to study vitamin-D receptor gene and its relation to glucose metabolism in the Newfoundland and Labrador population.

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