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REF NO.: 25

SUBJECT: Memorial’s performance and communications media class presents Friday Afternoon at the Movies
DATE: Sept. 21, 2005

Students from the diploma program in performance and communications media present Friday Afternoon at the Movies on Sept. 23, 2005at 4 p.m.Featured in the screening will be the video productions from the English 4400 directing course. Each video features a short scene from a play and varies in length from four to eight minutes. Scenes from the following plays will be shown: Angels in America, Days of Wine andRoses, Three Dogs Barking, On Edge, Butler's Marsh, The Goat or Who is Sylvia?and Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf? The students who directed these scenes will be present. The video screenings will be held in the Arts and Administration Building, AA-1046. The general public is invited to attend.

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