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REF NO.: 360

SUBJECT: Harlow students far away from London blasts
DATE: July 7, 2005

Memorial University students taking part in a summer school in Harlow, England, were well away from explosions that rocked Central London on Thursday, July 7.

Memorial is offering an English Cultural Landscape program through its campus in Harlow. Students and instructors were on a field trip to Suffolk, to the east of Harlow, when the explosions took place.

Six explosions were reported on London buses and stations leaving at least two people reported dead and dozens injured. Memorial’s Harlow Campus is situated in the historic town of Old Harlow, Essex, midway between London and Cambridge.

Harlow Campus is used by both professional schools and academic departments to offer programs. The campus is also available as a base for faculty members and graduate students conducting research or further study in the UK.

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