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SUBJECT: Symposium on colorectal cancer involves patients and their families
DATE: April 11, 2005

Note to editors:

Media representatives are invited to attend a ground-breaking symposium on colorectal cancer involving patients and their families as well as the researchers who have been studying the disease. The symposium will be held Saturday, May 14, in the main auditorium of the Faculty of Medicine, Health Sciences Centre, from 9:30 a.m.- 3 p.m.

“What is new about this symposium is involving the patients and their families in discussions of research progress,” said Jason Chaulk, a graduate student in Medical Genetics. “In fact, over half of those attending are current participants of the research study.”

Some of the topics during the day’s symposium will be clinical, such as who is at risk and what benefit counselling can offer. There will also be discussions on the application of what is being done to understand psychosocial aspects of colorectal cancer.

A major topic at the symposium will be ethics consent, particularly why it is so important and what it means when a person signs a consent form. “Ethics also includes what DNA information is being used for, and what rights the patient has about future use of their DNA,” said Mr. Chaulk.

Those involved in the symposium will also learn about laboratory procedures, including a general account of what happens with the DNA collected and a discussion of the importance of the laboratory work.

Registration for this symposium is free.

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