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SUBJECT: Getting to know EBay - a seminar
DATE: Feb. 17, 2005

Offered by the Office of Alumni Affairs and Development, Memorial University of Newfoundland, in cooperation with the College of the North Atlantic.

After participating in this hands-on seminar you will understand how EBay can put you in touch with a worldwide network of buyers and sellers. Participants will follow a buying and a selling transaction on EBay. You will explore the following topics:

  • How does EBay work?
  • Buying with Confidence:
  • How to register
  • How to bid and buy
  • Searching techniques
  • Selling basics:
  • Opening a seller account
  • Creating and enhancing your listings
  • Setting pricing options
  • Using PayPal
  • Monitoring and completing transactions

Date: Feb. 23, 2005

Time: 2-4 p.m.

Location: Labrador West, Room 222 College of the North Atlantic

Cost: $50

Memorial University is a non-profit organization. This fee covers the cost of staging the seminar.

To register or for more information, please contact Penny Butler, 737-4354, 1-877-700-4081or

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