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REF NO.: 307

SUBJECT: Winner announced in Alumni Association of Memorial University’s new graduate e-mail for life contest
DATE: Aug. 23, 2004

Although she graduated from Memorial University in May, Julie Dawn Borden has quickly discovered the value of staying connected with her alma mater. She and a special friend or relative will soon take a free return flight courtesy of Memorial University of Newfoundland and CanJet.

In June, not long after she accepted her BA in sociology from Memorial, Ms. Borden signed up for free e-mail service from Memorial. Her name was entered in the Free E-Mail for Life contest offered to new graduates by the Alumni Association of Memorial and CanJet. The contest closed this week and Ms. Borden was selected randomly from the list of 400 new graduates who signed on for the e-mail service. As a prize, CanJet donated two return tickets from anywhere in Newfoundlandand Labradorthat CanJet flies to any of its Canadian destinations.

When contacted, she expressed her appreciation for the tickets but had no immediate plans to use them. “I’ll probably use the tickets to fly to Ontario later this year. I have a lot of relatives there and it would be a good break after the summer ends.” Ms. Borden, a native of Corner Brook, has been busy this summer working with Transportation and Works and completing her certificate in criminology through Distrance Education with Memorial.

Although Ms. Borden intends to eventually continue her studies with a masters in criminology at Memorial, she first intends to move to St. John's to seek employment. She hopes to find something in the area of law and is particularly interested in youth counselling. Ms. Borden admits to reading all the works of well-known Memorial professor and specialist on deviant behaviour, Dr Elliot Leyton. “I’m very interested in sociology and deviance and would really like to find a way to help counsel youth who have come through the justice system,” she says.

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