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REF NO.: 298

SUBJECT: Philharmonic choir to tour Ireland
DATE: July 29, 2004

Members of the Philharmonic Choir of the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra (PCNSO) will be traveling to Ireland in August to perform in a variety of venues in Dublin, Waterford, Cork and surrounding communities. In keeping with the Memorandum of Understanding in 1996 between the governments of Newfoundland and Labrador and Ireland, this venture is aimed at enhancing and fostering mutual awareness in cultural development between the two regions.

The Philharmonic Choir has a unique and diverse lineage, one that speaks to the promotion and representation of a variety of different organizations. Formed in 1987 under the initiative of its current conductor, Dr. Douglas Dunsmore, it has grown into an accomplished, mature community choir exploring and performing a wide variety of repertoire, explained choir manager Doreen Browne, who also works in the dean’s office, Faculty of Business Administration. Over the years, it has proven its commitment and dedication to choral music, and has contributed significantly to this province's musical legacy, she added.

“At the time of inception, the Philharmonic Choir's selected membership was drawn directly from Memorial University's Festival Choir, so its roots are firmly planted throughout the university,” explained Dr. Dunsmore. “Indeed, today, its membership consists largely of Memorial alumni and other faculty and staff associated with the university.”

Dr. Dunsmore, himself, is a professor at the School of Music where he conducts the festival and chamber choirs and teaches undergraduate and graduate choral conducting and voice. Through its performances in Ireland, the PCNSO will be promoting the university, the city, the province, Festival 500 and the country.

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