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REF NO.: 47

SUBJECT: Memorial University's Genesis Group gets innovative for the St. John's Santa Claus parade
DATE: Nov. 24, 2002

The Genesis Group float, entitled The Goblin that Stole Christmas, has the Green Goblin attempting to steal Santa's magic sack with an innovative Spiderman saving the day by doing a little "Christmas wrapping" with his spider webs.

The Genesis Group, which is the technology commercialization arm of Memorial University, says the Spiderman theme was a natural for them, because they are in the business of turning "fantasy into reality" through science. The float represents several advances in science that are no longer just science fiction. Advances in biotechnology allow for the production of silk fibres from goat's milk that simulate spider's silk. These fibres can now be used to produce bulletproof vests, surgical sutures and the strongest cables and ropes on earth. In addition, the Green Goblin's Glider is based on new propulsion fuel and levitation systems, which are derived from the fields of physics, chemistry and engineering. Scientific advances from university research are redefining reality and creating a brighter future for society.

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For further information, please contact Peter Howell, Genesis Centre, Memorial University, 737-4527.