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SUBJECT: Marine Institute still accepting applications for fall enrolment
DATE: April 20, 2004

The Marine Institute (MI) is still accepting applications for fall 2004 enrolment.  Pat Whittle, MI’s admissions officer, said that although April 15 is the official deadline to apply for entry to the institute, applications will be considered after that date.

“We encourage students to apply before the April 15 deadline because it allows for applications to be processed in time for registration," said Ms. Whittle. "Students who apply after this date and meet all eligibility requirements can still be accepted, however, they may have a more limited program selection than those who apply earlier."

She also stressed that students should be aware that while the deadline for applying for admission to the Institute can be flexible, a limited number of seats may be available for those diploma and advanced diploma programs that are in high demand.  Students are advised to contact the Marine Institute for further details on admissions requirements.

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