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REF NO.: 211

SUBJECT: Faculty of Education professor honoured with Council of the Federation Literacy award
DATE: Aug. 6, 2009

      Dr. Marc Glassman is Newfoundland and Labrador’s recipient of a national award celebrating outstanding achievement, innovative practice and excellence in literacy.
      “I am pleased that for the first time, someone teaching at a university level has been awarded this honour,” Dr. Glassman said. “It helps to demonstrate that the teaching, research and community service we do as part of our service here at Memorial is respected and appreciated beyond the confines of our university campus.”
      The Council of the Federation was formed in 2003 by the premiers of each province, and its objectives are to promote interprovincial-territorial cooperation to foster closer relationships between provincial governments based on respect for the country and recognition of the diversity within the federation.
      The Council of the Federation Literacy Award recognizes the contributions made by Canadians in the field of literacy, including family, Aboriginal, health, workplace and community literacy, and is presented to educators, volunteers, learners, community organizations, non-governmental organizations and businesses in each province and territory.
      Dr. Glassman is also the first person at a university level to have been awarded the Canada Post Literacy Educator of the year award in 2003.
      “While I have taught just over 8,400 undergraduate and graduate students in my 32 years here at Memorial, and have found that greatly rewarding, I have found that the service I provide via workshops and volunteer work in the area of pre-school literacy, K-12 literacy education and adult literacy programs is just as rewarding,” he added.

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