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SUBJECT: Grenfell: Grenfell visual arts students partake in poetic partnership with Waterford Institute of Technology
DATE: April 16, 2009

            Students in an intaglio class at Grenfell College have had the opportunity to collaborate on a poetically artistic endeavour with the Waterford Institute of Technology in Waterford, Ireland – an anthology that will be launched in conjunction with the April Rabbit this month.
             “Eleven of my students each produced an image based on a poem of their choice from this new anthology of Canadian poetry,” said Kent Jones, visual arts professor. “The anthology is now complete, with 65 poets and some 650 pages of text. There are more 30 artworks in the anthology, including work by all my students, myself, students and faculty from the Rhode Island School of Design, and Waterford Institute of Technology.”
             Titled “How the Light Gets in . . .” (from "Anthem" by Leonard Cohen), the anthology also includes Canadian artists Gerald Squires, Wesley Bates and John Conway.
             The anthology will include the students’ images and bios and will be launched at the Blackthorn Stick Café at 3 p.m., April 25. The students’ artwork will be on display during both the launch and the April Rabbit, which takes place later that day at 8 p.m.
              The artwork of third-year visual arts student Mark Adams is featured in the anthology, a piece based on Carl Leggo’s poem “Come by Chance.”
              “This is a wonderful experience,” said Mr. Adams, who praised Prof. Jones for his efforts to connect the class with professional experiences. “It goes to show the opportunities for outreach there are for Grenfell students.”
               The anthology was released in Waterford, Ireland, in mid-March as part of the new Sean Dunne International Festival of Arts and Culture. And on April 23, UNESCO World Book Day, the anthology will be launched at the Canadian Embassy in Dublin by Canada's ambassador to Ireland. This embassy launch will also include the students’ work.
                “The anthology will also have an important slot at ‘Cuirt’, the biggest of the Irish international literary festivals,” said Prof. Jones.

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