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SUBJECT: Grenfell PSA: Canada Research Chair to give public talk on looming energy crisis
DATE: April 1, 2009

          A presentation on the looming energy crisis and its possible solutions will be held at Grenfell College.
          Dr. Federico Rosei, Canadan Research Chair in Nanostructured Organic and Inorganic Materials (INRS-EMT, Univ. du Québec) will be on campus Friday, April 3, and will give a public talk titled What type of energy for the future of humanity? at 2:30 p.m. in the Library and Computing Building lecture theatre (LC301).
           As the age of cheap oil and fossil fuels is coming to an end, humanity will face an energy crisis. Many alternative energy sources have already been identified. However, there is no optimal solution to replace fossil fuels on a short time scale with new sources that are economically viable and environmentally sustainable in the long term. History reports disastrous consequences for human societies that overexploited their resources in a non sustainable way, and arguably this is exactly what is happening today on a global scale. This presentation aims at describing a general picture of the looming energy crisis outlining some possible solutions.

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