News Releases

REF NO.: 20

SUBJECT: Experts available for election night and post-election commentary and insights
DATE: Oct. 10, 2008

Note to editors:
Several Memorial University political scientists will be available as the Canadian federal election day approaches.
Dr. Chris Dunn
His teaching fields are: Canadian politics, federalism, public administration, intergovernmental relations, policy analysis, local government.
His research fields are: Canadian politics, public administration, public policy.
Contact Dr. Dunn at or (709) 737-8178.
Dr. Alex Marland
His teaching fields are: Canadian politics and elections, political behaviour, work internship.
His research fields are: Political marketing and communications, election campaigning in Canada, mass media.
Contact Dr. Marland at or (709) 737-8188.
Dr. Stephen Tomblin
His teaching fields are: Comparative public policy and federalism, Canadian and provincial politics.
His research fields are: Comparative public policy, governance and knowledge construction.
Contact Dr. Tomblin at or (709) 737-8989.
Dr. Michael Temelini
            His teaching fields are: Canadian politics and political theory.
            His research fields are: Federalism, Multiculturism and Canadian political movements.
            Contact Dr. Temelini at or (709) 737-8181.

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