News Releases

REF NO.: 242

SUBJECT: Statement from the Board of Regents
DATE: Aug. 13, 2008

             The Board of Regents of Memorial University met in special session on Tuesday, Aug. 12, 2008, to specifically discuss matters relating to the autonomy of the university and the search process for a new president.
            The Board unanimously passed a number of resolutions relating to the issues. The Board also noted its regret at the recent resignation of Deanne Fleet, who had served as an Alumni Association representative on the Board, and expressed its thanks to Ms. Fleet for her contributions to Memorial.
            The Board passed a resolution that reaffirmed its concurrence with its statements on the presidential search process that was publicly released on Aug. 6, and available at
            The Board expressed its continued support for the presidential search committee and the work that it has undertaken in the search process.
            The Board passed a resolution expressing confidence in the chairman and his leadership.
            The Board also approved in principle a draft paper on university autonomy developed by Dr. Eddy Campbell, acting president and vice-chancellor.
            Finally, the Board fully supported the proposal for a meeting between Memorial and government to bring clarity and resolution to the important matter of university autonomy.

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