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REF NO.: 50

SUBJECT: Promoting health through partnership
DATE: Nov. 6, 2007

On Wednesday, Nov. 7, students from medicine, nursing and social work will be holding a student pavilion on health and social issues for their fellow MUN students. Topics will range from global health, to poverty, to date rape drugs. This event will be held on the third floor of the University Center from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.
This pavilion is part of the Interprofessional Education for Collaborative Patient-Centred Practice project at Memorial co-ordinated by the Centre for Collaborative Health Professional Education. Students will collaborate in a service-learning initiative to provide Memorial students with information of interest to them across a wide spectrum of health and community issues. The goal of this project is to enable students to work in interprofessional teams at the undergraduate level so as to improve the delivery of collaborative health and social services to individuals, families and communities when they graduate. Students will also develop leadership and other skills applicable to their future career paths and a better understanding of citizenship including the importance of partnerships between the university and community.
Nick Sowers, president of the first-year medicine class, said, “I am quite excited about the opportunity to work with students from different disciplines. I believe that these service-learning experiences will stay with us throughout our years of school and ensure that working in interprofessional teams will be the norm for future health professionals.”
Rebecca Sheppard, a fourth-year nursing student, added, "I am so excited about participating in the social and health pavilion. It's great to be able to talk to medical and social work students about their ideas of health care.    “Interprofessional projects are an exciting and excellent way to form relationships with other health care professions so that we can work well as a team in creating the best care for our clients, and have fun doing it!"
Andrew Edwards, president of Association of Social Work Students, said that, "the interprofessional education programs provide opportunities for our students to create future partnerships. I think that from these student collaborations, an increasingly holistic model of health care can be created that will benefit both the individual and health care professional alike."
Support for this pavilion has been provided by Student Affairs and Services at Memorial University.

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