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REF NO.: 123

SUBJECT: Double treat for fans of Newfoundland history
DATE: March 24, 2003

Memorial University will present the David Alexander Lecture featuring Dr. Margaret Conrad who will give a lecture titled A Case of Mistaken Identities: Newfoundland and Labrador in Atlantic Canada since Confederation. The lecture will be held on Thursday, March 27, at 8 p.m. in Hampton Hall, located in the Marine Institute.

Also taking place at Hampton Hall, the Newfoundland Historical Society will present a three-day history symposium on Newfoundland identity - The Idea of Newfoundland: Nationalism, Identity and Culture from the 19th Century to the Present - from March 27-29, featuring Memorial University researchers Dr. Jerry Bannister, Dr. Jeff Webb, Dr. Peter Pope, Prof. Shane O'Dea, Dr. Helen Peters and honorary graduate Dr. Bernice Morgan. Both the David Alexander Lecture and the history symposium are free of charge and open to the public. Registration is not necessary. For full program details, see

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