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SUBJECT: SWGC: Gateway West challenges entrepreneurs to unleash their business potential
DATE: March 9, 2006

Gateway West wants to help entrepreneurs make the most of
their business ideas.

Located at Memorial’s west coast campus, Sir Wilfred Grenfell College,
Gateway West is a three-year enterprise and entrepreneurship pilot project.
The project aims to put potential entrepreneurs in touch with the many resources available to them that might otherwise go untapped by inexperienced up-and-coming
businesspeople. Partnering with Sir Wilfred Grenfell College and ACOA in
support of Gateway West are the John Dobson Foundation of Montreal and
the Humber Valley Resort Corporation.

On April 4, Gateway West will hold a workshop titled So What? Who Cares?
Why You?

"This workshop will help entrepreneurs take their business innovations
further and make their business ideas work better," says Mike Jackson,
director of Gateway West. "It will help companies better articulate
their fundamental business values and assist them in developing a
compelling value proposition that can be used to "pitch" their

The workshop is made possible by the Young Entrepreneurs Skills Program.
The Gateway and Gateway West have collaborated with Reid Eddison Inc. to
provide businesses with mentoring in the form of workshops and
counselling advice. The workshop will be facilitated by Michelle Masson
& Paul Bodnoff of Reid Eddison Inc.

For more information, contact Mike Jackson, 637-6200 ext. 6435 or email
your intent to register to Further information
will be sent upon receiving confirmation.

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