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SUBJECT: SWGC: New programming at Community Education
DATE: Jan. 25, 2006

Weight loss, Internet shopping and building a financial portfolio are just three of the many new course offerings at Community Education this winter.

“We decided to shake things up a bit and introduce programming that will help people in their everyday lives,” said Ms. Marilyn Forward, program developer with Community Education.

In the computer realm, Community Education is offering a “Discover the Internet” series. There are three components to this series – Online Learning: The Big Picture; Internet Shopping and Banking; and Internet Globetrotting. Also related to computers are new courses on digital photography and designing of desktop publications such as posters, invitations and fliers.

The Healthy Living series will continue on Wednesday nights with four new additions: Lighten Up!, which addresses the balance of natural wellness; Skin Deep, life choices for a more vibrant appearance; Stressbusters, which addresses ways to rid your life of stress and boost your immune system; and What’s for Lunch?, an overview of healthy food choices for diabetics.

Establishing Yourself through the Media will help non-profit organizations and others learn better media strategies to build awareness within the community. Essay Writing will help participants overcome their fear of the “blank page”.

Lifestyle Lectures will continue on Tuesday nights with three new additions – Baby Steps to Building Your Financial Portfolio; Gismos and Gadgets, which will teach the “technically challenged” about Ipods, CD-Roms and more; and Planning Your Dream Wedding.

A new visual arts course has also been added – Creating Memories through Scrapbooking will teach participants how to design an album, gather supplies and choose photos.

Finally, two new safety courses have been introduced. People Savers (ages 5-10) is a program developed by the Canadian Red Cross to teach safety awareness and first aid skills to elementary school aged children. And Child Safe is an introduction to the basics of first aid – learn how to create a safe environment for infants and young children as well as what to do in case of an emergency.

For more information on these and other courses offered by Community Education, call 637-6208 or email

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