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Staff and affiliates

Victoria Collins Executive director A-1026A 864-8662
Renee Fitzgerald Senior secretary A-1026 864-8664
Paula Dyke Acting director, public affairs A-1024E 864-8665
Nora Daly Communications co-ordinator, executive  A-1024D 864-8661 
Paula Eddy-Shea Marketing events co-ordinator A-1033 864-3990
Erin Scott Events assistant A-1033 864-8415
Doug Ballam Events co-ordinator A-1032 864-3960
Jeff Hulan Associate director, marketing A-1033 864-8666
John Harvey Marketing manager A-1032 864-2378
Jennifer French Secretary A-1033 864-6706
Andrea Morgan Art director A-1039 864-3518
Victoria Ward Copywriter A-1039 864-3557
Lisa Riggs Marketing coordinator A-1032 864-3962
Joyce MacKinnon Manager, image services FM-2038J 864-2088
Patrick Tyler Production co-ordinator FM-2038G 864-6194
Chris Hammond Photographer FM-2038A 864-7570
Helen Houston Graphic artist FM-2038D 864-2349
Jacqui Baggs Graphic artist FM-2038C 864-2325
Vacant Graphic artist FM-2038C 864-3523
Pat Adams Photo technician FM-2038F 864-7571
Paul Whittle Manager, web content services FM-2038E 864-3517
Andrea Kelly Editor, web content services FM-2038G 864-6717
Tyrel Jennings Specialist, web content services A-1032 864-2510
Marketing Co-ordinators      
Vacant Alumni Affairs LL-1000 864-2479
Whitney O'Byrne Athletics PE-2021D 864-3479
Ashley Forristall Graduate Studies IIC-2012 864-3581
Deena Riggs Student Affairs UC-5029 864-3142
Dave Sorensen Acting associate director, communications A-1024C 864-2143
Vacant Manager, communications   A-1024B 864-2455
Kelly Hickey Secretary   A-1024 864-8660
Mandy Cook Communications co-ordinator    
Communications Co-ordinators    
Dave Penney Alumni Affairs LL-1005 864-3447
Jeff Green Alumni Affairs LL-1000 864-2479
Janet Harron Arts A-5013 864-8292 
Susan White-MacPherson  Business    B-4009A 864-2616
Diane Keough  Harris Centre SP-1003 864-3739 
Courtenay Alcock**VE LINK) DELTS - Distance Education   ED-3000J 864-2611
Elizabeth Furey DELTS - Distance Education ED-3000J 864-2611
Laura Barron  Deputy Provost (Students)  A-2009 864-4570
Jackey Locke  Engineering    EN-4018 864-8287 
Cathy Newhook  Public Engagement  SP-1003 864-7918 
Michelle Osmond Human Kinetics & Recreation PE-2007B 864-2359
Melissa Watton  Human Resources A-4045 864-2531
Kristine Power  Library L-2029 864-3188 
Virginia MiddletonVE link) Medicine H-1758B 777-8285 
Sharon Gray  Medicine  H-1758D 777-8397 
Marcia Porter Nursing N-2935 777-2165 
Heidi Wicks Pharmacy 128A Tiffany Court 777-7302
Sandy Woolfrey-Fahey  Provost A-1007 864-4873 
Jennifer Batten**link) Provost A-1007 864-4873 
Rebecca Cohoe ** Public Engagement SP-1003 864-3739
Meaghan Whelan  Research IIC-3067 864-4073 
Kelly Foss Science    C-2055 864-2019 
Laura Woodford  Social Work J-2017 864-8162 
Jill Hunt Student Recruitment  A-1002 864-8613 
Lisa Pendergast Faculty of Education ED-3044 864-8617
Helen Kelly Manager, finance & admin  A-1024A 864-2307 
Jessica Humphries Senior clerk  A-1024 864-8663 
Phil Baluk IT consultant FM-2038K 864-4595
Janice Neary Quality administrator A-1024D 864-4305
Laura Edwards
Director, marketing & communications   637-7331
Jo-Anne Philpott Manager, community education & campus relations   637-6265
Pamela Gill Communications co-ordinator AS-271 637-2187
Melanie Callahan Communications co-ordinator AS-278B 639-2582
Lori Lee Hollett Graphic artist   637-2193
Jennifer Hartley Special events/marketing co-ordinator AS-271 637-6275
Kim Thornhill  Manager, marketing and communications  E-2308B 778-0544
Sherry Del Rizzo Conference co-ordinator E-2304B 778-0756
Naomi Osborne  Public relations officer  E-2304C 778-0677
Angie Bishop  Graphic artist E-2306A  778-0633 
Geoff Noseworthy Web editor E-2306B  778-0569
**Staff on leave