Staff and affiliates



Victoria Collins

Executive director A-1026A 864-8662

Luanne Agriesti-Cleary 

Senior secretary A-1026 864-8664
Paula Eddy-Shea Events co-ordinator A-1032A 864-3990
Erin Delaney Events assistant A-1032A 864-8415
Doug Ballam Events co-ordinator (WWl Commemorations) A-1032 864-3960
Jeff Hulan Associate director, marketing FM-2038J 864-8666
John Harvey Manager, marketing FM-2038E 864-2378
Jennifer French Secretary FM-2038H 864-6706
Andrea Morgan Manager, creative FM-2038D 864-3518
Victoria Ward Copywriter FM-2038F 864-3557
Beth Price Marketing co-ordinator FM-2038C 864-6194
Lisa Riggs Marketing co-ordinator FM-2038C 864-3962
Chris Hammond Photographer A-1039 864-7570
Shane Mills Graphic artist FM-2038G 864-2349
Jacqui Baggs Graphic artist FM-2038G 864-2325
Karly Barker Graphic artist FM-2038G 864- 3523
**Paul Whittle Manager, web content services    
Nayana Hejmadi Manager, web content services A-1033A 864-3517
**Andrea Kelly Web content editor    
Elizabeth Furey Web content editor A-1039 864-6717
Tyrel Jennings Web content specialist A-1033 864-2510
Simon Babineau Senior programmer A-1033 864-2088
Marketing Co-ordinator      
Kyle Ershler
Alumni Affairs LL-1000 864-8006
Paula Dyke Associate director, communications A-1024F 864-8665
Dave Sorensen Manager, communications A-1024C 864-2143
Meaghan Whelan Manager, digital communications & content management A-1024B 864-2455
Kelly Hickey Secretary   A-1024 864-8660
Mandy Cook News editor A-1039 864-2142 
Communications Co-ordinators    
Nora Daly Executive A-1024D 864-8661
Dave Penney Alumni Affairs and Development LL-1005 864-3447
**Cathy Newhook  Harris Centre    
Zaren Healey White Harris Centre SP-1003 864-7918
Rebecca Cohoe Public Engagement/Harris Centre SP-1003 864-3739
Lisa Pendergast Alumni Affairs and Development LL-1000 864-2479
Helen Kelly Manager, finance & administration A-1024A 864-2307 
Jessica Humphries Senior clerk  A-1024 864-8663 
Janice Neary Quality administrator A-1024D 864-4305
**Staff on leave