The Jarislowsky Chair is dedicated to community outreach and working with our community to meet our immigration goals. Here are some of the events we have attended over the past few months.


On December 6 we were pleased to host, the "Population Symposium: Impact of Population Aging and Immigration on Service Delivery, Labour Market and Economy in Newfoundland and Labrador.” Our event built on recent research from the Harris Centre's Population Project, in conjunction with Memorial's Stephen Jarislowsky Chair in Cultural and Economic Transformation and the Atlantic Research Group on Economics of Immigration, Aging and Diversity. Our aim was to examine how a declining and aging population, and increased diversity of an immigrant population will impact service delivery, labour market and the economy in NL. 

We were pleased to video record the day's discussions and these can be viewed online.

Morning session with keynote Herb Emery and panelists Deidre Ayre, Derek Messacar, Stephen Bornstein and John Abbott.


Herb Emery's PowerPoint presentation: Population Aging in NL: Impacts of Demographic Shift on a Small Open Economy

Afternoon session with keynote Richard Saillant and panelists Justin Campbell, Howard Lin, Lynn Gambin, and Kerry Murray.


Richard Saillant's PowerPoint presentation: Immigration and Newfoundland and Labrador's Labour Market Dynamic.

You can watch the full symposium here:

Notes from the day based on presentations and group discussions will be synthesized into a report, which will be publicly disseminated to continue the conversation further. Our symposium will also be featured in an upcoming book that will encapsulate all the research symposiums funded by the Atlantic Research Group on the Economics of Immigration, Aging and Diversity that happened in Atlantic Canada this year. Please stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter feeds or follow #PopulationNL for more information.


We were very excited to attend the first biennial Labrador Research Forum in Happy Valley-Goose Bay from May 1 to 3. This was a great opportunity to present the work we have been doing on Labrador with the Harris Centre's Population Project including our just published "Temporary Foreign Worker Program and Employers in Labrador" report and our work-in-progress "Public Service Delivery in Labrador" project. Thank you to all the organizers for putting together the event and to the Harris Centre for bringing together researchers from the Population Project for a collaborative session. We hope to get together again soon and continue sharing our work on these important topic.

Population Project researchers


We were pleased to be invited to the launch of "The Way Forward on Immigration in Newfoundland and Labrador" presented by Minister Gerry Byrne and hosted at Verafin. This new immigration strategy includes many exciting and innovative tactics on how our province will improve the attraction and retention of immigrants to our province.

Jarislowsky Chair research team and Minister Gerry Byrne


As part of the MUN Economics Department's Speakers Series, Dr. Tony Fang was invited to present his work on the "Socioeconomic Benefits of Immigration." This was a well attended event with lots of interest in how immigration will benefit the province of Newfoundland and Labrador

Tony Fang


Dr. Tony Fang presented our new project "Syrian Refugee Arrival, Resettlement and Integration in NL" at the 19th National Metroplis Conference in Montreal, QC. This national immigration conference was a great opportunity to gain exposure for our work and hear about research and initiatives happening across the country.

Tony Fang at Metropolis


Our research team attended MP Seamus O'Regan's talk at the Board of Trade Luncheon on "Embracing Change and ‘Thinking Big’ in a Global Economy." Mr. O'Regan gave an inspiring speech on the importance of Newfoundland and Labrador welcoming more immigrants and tapping into the global market.

Left to Right: Kerri Neil, Halina Sapeha, David Brake, Tony Fang, Seamus O'Regan


Dr. Tony Fang presented at the Local Immigration Partnership Forum on "The Socioeconomic Benefits of Immigration to Newfoundland and Labrador". The LIP Forum was day-long series of workshops that provided opportunities to learn more about immigration to the city, how to promote diversity in your organization, and a chance to network and share with others seeking to create a welcoming community for all newcomers in St. John’s.

Themes include:
- Promoting diversity in your organization
- Immigration research in NL
- Newcomer health and education

Dr. Tony Fang


The Atlantic Research Group on Economics of Immigration, Aging and Diversity put together a riveting research symposium at St. Mary’s University on Nov. 17th and 18th, entitled "Transforming the Mainstream: Immigration in Atlantic Canada, Past, Present and Future." The event was filled with presentations by academics (including our Tony Fang), settlement agencies, community groups, and business on the work they are doing to improve the attraction and integration of immigrants in Eastern Canada. This was a really great chance to hear about all the great work being done and inspired us to bring some new ideas and innovations to this province. We encourage you to visit ARGEIAD’s website for photos and PowerPoints form the event. http://www.smu.ca/centres-and-institutes/atlantic-research-group.html

Tony Fang at ARGEIAD Symposium


Kerri Neil was pleased to present the teams’ work on Syrian refugee retention at the 5th Annual Migration With(Out) Boundaries Conference hosted in Lansing, MI. This interdisciplinary conference covered a range of issues affecting migration with a special panel on the Syrian refugee crisis that included speakers from such far-reaching countries as Turkey and Norway.

 Kerri Neil at Migrations With(Out) Boundaries conference


Pathways to Prosperity, in partnership with the Atlantic Region Association of Immigrant Serving Agencies and the Association for New Canadians, hosted a workshop in St. John’s on October 9. The workshop, Attraction, Retention, and Integration of Immigrants in Smaller Communities, covered a range of issues affecting immigrants and refugees in smaller communities including welcoming communities, economic, social, and political integration, and retention strategies. Our Tony Fang led a discussion on the integration of immigrants in smaller communities that included a lively discussion on strategies and challenges of integrations faced by these smaller areas. Population decline, aging, out-migration, labour and skills shortages are important demographic and economic issues guiding public policy formation in the province

 Tony Fang at Pathways to Prosperity Workshop


On October 4, we were glad to attend the launch of the 2016 Vital Signs report which includes a variety of measurements that consider the health of our economy and the social well-being of our citizens. Topics on the report range from the thriving artist community in Nunatsiavut to the welcoming of refugees in Corner Brook. We congratulate Halina Sapeha on her hard work compiling the report and encourage our readers to check out the final report at

Karen Oldford, Keith Storey and Halina Sapeha at Vital Signs NL Panel


The 30th anniversary of Tamil refugees landing in Cape St. Mary's, Newfoundland and Labrador was a joyous occassion marked with several events across the province. We were thrilled to attend the "Public Symposium on Refugees, Migration and Arrival by Water" and to learn from academics and government officials alike on the history of refugees arriving by water in Canada and in our province.

Left to Right: James Baker, Alison Mountz, Dennis Hogan, Yolande Pottie Sherman, Harini Svalgingam, Gerry Weimer & Jennifer Hyndman


Lots of great discussion at the "Planning for the Future - Provincial Roundtables on a New Provincial Growth Strategy" on Aug. 12 at the ANC. We really enjoyed the opportunity to chat with other members of the community and government on ways to attract and retain more immigrants to our province.

Halina Sapeha & our round table discussing NL's Immigration Strategy


We were pleased to attend the "Forum on the History of Immigration in Newfoundland and Labrador" hosted by RIAC and Happy City. Great panelists and questions from the audience!

Halina Sapeha and Kerri Neil at the Forum


We were very honoured to have the delegation from the Shanghai Lixin University of Commerce come to Memorial University to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with our university and we look forward to future collaborations with them.


Members of Shangai Lixin University and Memorial University




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