Program of Study

Following admission to the diploma program and until completion of all diploma program requirements, students must normally carry a course load of fifteen credit hours (five courses) in each of the Fall and Winter semesters, and complete a six credit hour instructional field placement in the Spring semester. Students must complete a total of thirty-six credit hours in the following required and/or alternate courses:

Required courses

  • Political Science 3620 (Law and Society)
  • Psychology 2150 (Introduction to Forensic Psychology)
  • Police Studies 2000 (Introduction to Policing)
  • Police Studies 3000 (Victims of Crime and Policing)
  • Police Studies 3500 (Investigative Interviewing)
  • Psychology 3640 (The Psychology of Abnormal Behaviour)
  • Sociology 3290 (Deviance)
  • Sociology 3306 (Juvenile Delinquency & Juvenile Justice)
  • Sociology 3395 (Criminal Justice and Corrections)
  • Sociology 4212 (Issues in Policing)

In order to maintain the mandatory course load of fifteen credit hours in each of the Fall and Winter semesters, students who have previously completed one or more of the required courses will select courses from the alternate list below, or other appropriate courses as recommended by the Program Coordinator.

Alternate courses

  • Sociology /Anthropology 2260 (War and Aggression)
  • Anthropology 2414 (Regional Studies: North American Indians and Inuit)
  • Anthropology 2492 (Forensic Anthropology)
  • Sociology / Anthropology 3240 (Regional Studies: Contemporary Native Peoples of Canada)
  • English 2160 (North American Aboriginal Literature)
  • Geography 2495 (Regional Geography of Labrador)
  • History 3813 (Women in North American Society: Newfoundland and Labrador)
  • History 3560 (A History of Human Rights)
  • Law and Society 2000 (An Introduction to Law in Canadian Society)
  • Philosophy 2802 (Contemporary Issues: Mental Health Ethics)
  • Philosophy 2810 (Contemporary Issues: Restorative Justice)
  • Political Science 3681 (Newfoundland Corrections: Policy and Practice)
  • Religious Studies 2610 (Introduction to Religious Ethics)
  • Religious Studies 3650 (Religion and Social Justice)
  • Sociology 2270 (Families)
  • Sociology 4095 (Criminology)
  • Sociology 4210 (Sexual Abuse)
  • Gender Studies 1000  (An Interdisciplinary Introduction to Gender Studies)
  • Other courses as approved by the program coordiator

The University Calendar offers more information on program and content.


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