Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences News

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences now has a webpage that lists upcoming undergraduate course offerings throughout the Faculty. The page will be constantly updated by department administrative personnel. Please bookmark it for future reference and share  whenever the opportunity arises.






Amanda Mews is the entertainment and community reporter with NTV News in St. John's. She has a BA in English with a specialization in theatre/drama and minored in psychology. To anyone who questions the value of a BA Amanda says,"Show me a more rounded person than one with a BA. Show me a degree that offers you a more diverse career choice." Read more about Amanda here.


Mark Brefo's research is examining how free trade is collapsing local industries in his native Ghana.  He is also a member of Memorial's Seahawks basketball team and says his supervisor Dr. Jennifer Dyer knows what every student needs and makes provisions to cater for all these needs.  Read more about Mark here.