Department Contact Information

Listed below are the contacts for each of the Departments in the Humanities and Social Sciences faculty. Can't find what you're looking for? See also the listing for Interdisciplinary programs and Diploma Programs, or contact the Faculty office: (709-864-8254)

Dr. Kathleen Gordon, Head 864-8870
Tina Scott, Admin. Secretary 864-8870
Dr. Barry Gaulton,  Head 864-8865

Karen Woosley, Admin. Secretary 864-8869
Dr. Tana Allen, Head 864-8593
Cathy Kieley, Admin. Secretary 864-8593
Dr. Wade Locke, Head 864-8248
Susan Curtis, Admin. Secretary 864-8248
Dr. Jennifer Lokash, Head 864-8277
Tina Power, Int. Secretary 864-8277
Dr. Cory Thorne, Head 864-6211
Sharon Cochrane, Admin. Secretary 864-8403
French & Spanish
Dr. Anne Thareau, Head 864-7636
Heather O'Brien, Int. Secretary 864-7636
Dr. Norm Catto, Head 864-7417
Valarie James, Int. Secretary 864-7417
German & Russian
Dr. John Buffinga, Head 864-8826
Beverley Evans-Hong, Admin. Secretary 864-8831
Dr. Terry Bishop-Stirling, Head 864-8420
Renee Clowe, Int. Secretary 864-8420
Dr. Phil Branigan, Head 864-3017
Peggy Nixon, Admin Secretary 864-8134
Dr. Sean McGrath, Head 864-8336
Ann Marie Gushue, Admin. Secretary 864-8336
Political Science
Dr. Luke Ashworth, Head 864-8179
Helen Knapman, Admin. Secretary 864-8179
Religious Studies
Dr. Kim Parker, Head 864-8166
Annette Sullivan, Admin. Secretary 864-8166
Dr. Ailsa Craig, Head 864-7457
Melissa Petten, Secretary 864-7443
Gender Studies
Dr. Patricia Dold, Head 864-3322
Joan Butler, Admin. Secretary 864-3322