Graduate Students

Ph.D Candidates

Christopher Reid

M.A. History, Memorial University, 2014

Research Interests: First World War; British Empire at War; War & Society; Newfoundland History.

Current Project: Islands at War: First World War Experience and Memory in Britain's Atlantic Realm, 1914-1939. My research will analyze soldiers' experiences of the First World War and their collective memorization of the war within three, war-raised battalions from Newfoundland, the British West Indies, and Northern Ireland.

Supervisor:Dr. Justin Fantauzzo

Curtis B. Robinson

M.A. Nipissing University

Research Interests: Espionage; Canada in the Great War; international relations, war and society; Stalin's Russia; modern Germany; historiography; theory and methods.

Current Research: Canadians, the Hun and the origins of insecurity. I am interested in the duality between domestic surveillance agencies and wider society where the agency acts as a national muscle of morality or an agency of social control.

Supervisor:Dr. Robert Sweeny

Michael R. Westcott

M.A. History, Memorial University, 2013

Research Interests: Newfoundland and Labrador History; Canadian History; Military History; War and Society.

Current Research:Transforming Citizenship in a British Dominion at War: Gender, Class, and Race in the Newfoundland Home Front, 1914-1918. My primary area of interest is the impact that social, economic, and military mobilization during the First World War had on people in the home front. My current research focuses on the relationship between changing wartime ideals of gender, ethnicity, and class, and concepts of citizenship in Newfoundland and Labrador during the First World War.

Supervisor:Dr. Sean Cadigan

M.A. Candidates

Sydney Burton

B.A. History, St. Francis Xavier University, 2013

Research Interests: Byzantine and Christine History; Medieval European History; Gender History.

Supervisor:Dr. Marica Cassis

Stefanie Comeau

Research Interests: Acadian History; Atlantic History.

Supervisor:Dr. Jonathan Clapperton

Sarah Hall

B.A. History. Philosophy and Religious Studies, University of Alberta Augustana Faculty

Research Interests: Canadian history, Women's history, Gender and Sexuality, and Crime.

Current Research: My paper will focus on the experiences of female criminals in the Canadian justice system prior to the 1920s.

Supervisor:Dr. Heather Stanley


Lynn Kristmanson

BA Art History - University of British Columbia
BFA Fine Art - Alberta College of Arts & Design

Research Interests - History of film, History of Science and Medicine

Current Project - My paper will examine the representation of degenerative dementias in Postwar North American film through the lens of cultural constructions of the aging and gendered body, and in comparison to changing notions of personhood as articulated through the medical discipline of gerontology.

Supervisor:Dr. Dominique Brégent-Heald

Erin Mick

B.A. History, Memorial University, 2016.

Research Interests: Atlantic History, Maritime History, Bermuda, transatlantic slavery, manumission.

Current Project: Manumission in 19th century Bermuda, with specific focus on the experiences of women and children, the process of racialization, enslaved black labour, and the unique character of Bermuda within the Atlantic slave trade system.

Supervisor:Dr. Neil Kennedy


Andy Post

M.A. English, Dalhousie University, 2014
B.A. English, University of Arizona, 2011

Research Interests: British Isles, British Imperial, and colonial North American history; the transition from the First to the Second British Empire; Newfoundland and Canada's roles in the evolution of "Liberal Imperial" ideology; history and historiography of Newfoundland.

Current Research:Newfoundland, Reeveland: The Liberal Paternalism and Conservative Populism of John Reeves, Esq. My M.A. thesis will re-evaluate the politics of John Reeves, better known here as the first Chief Justice (1791-92), and by many considered the first historian, of Newfoundland; but more (in)famous to historians of British loyalism and radicalism as the founder (also in 1792) of the anti-revolutionary Association for Preserving Liberty and Property against Republicans and Levellers (APLP). My larger goal is to explain how Reeves—a fierce monarchist both villified and venerated as the saviour of "ultra-Toryism" in England, but revered as the architect of liberal government in Newfoundland, and a legal historian with little patience for "ideological" interpretations of the English constitution—set the stage for the reform movement of the next century, and how his History of the Government of Newfoundland (1793) came to be accepted as the founding manifesto of Newfoundland nationalism.

Supervisor:Dr. Jeff Webb

Norman B. Potter

B.A. History, Mount Royal University, 2016

Research Interests: American cultural history, Mexican-American relations

Current Research: Mexican-American relations in the Mexican American war era, primarily focusing on the impacts of the annexation of Texas on American perceptions of their Mexican counterparts.

Supervisor: Dr. Dominique Brégent-Heald

Ashley Ring

B.A. History (Hons.) Memorial University, 2016

Research Interests: Film history, American Cold War culture

Current Research: Examining the depictions of Indigenous women and white women in Cold War westerns as part of a broader study of how race and gender intersect in the Cold War.

Supervisor: Dr. Dominique Brégent-Heald


Ryan Seddon

B.A. History MUN 2010

Research Interests: environmental history, northern Canada, resource development, post colonialism, indigenous peoples

Current Research: northern exposures project. Exploring the history of resource development in northern Alberta and some of the impacts of its expansion on indigenous communities in that region.

Supervisor:Dr. John Sandlos



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