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Welcome to Residence Life

Living on campus is not just a convenient place to eat, sleep, and study while you are away from home studying at university or college. Living on campus is about exploring new ideas, making new friends, and learning more about the world around you and how you fit into it. It is this "Residence Life" that makes living in residence different than living at home or off campus.

Here at Memorial residence is not a place you live, it is a community to which you belong.

In fact, educational research demonstrates that living in residence can play an important role in a student’s academic and personal development. The intense interaction with peers who are from different family backgrounds, cultures, and countries, and have different values, career goals, and lifestyles, stimulates a resident's personal, social and intellectual development.

Here at Memorial learning doesn't stop when a student leaves the classroom. For the students living in residence learning is happening every moment of every day.

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The Residence Life Office

The educational aspect of residence is managed by the Residence Life Office. The full-time professionals and part-time staff of the Residence Life Office research, design, and deliver programming that promotes academic success, personal development, social interaction, and community engagement. The Residence Life staff also provide programming that teaches our students essential life skills.

Residence Life Programming

The Residence Life Office provides programming for all residents. Some of the programming provided include:

The staff of the Residence Life Office are also responsible for ensuring that our residents and their guests abide by the Housing Regulations.