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How to Apply for On-Campus Housing

Apply Early!

Applications for the Fall & Winter 2017/2018 will open at 9:00 am Newfoundland time on October 15, 2016.

On-Campus Housing at the St. John’s Campus of Memorial University provides living space for almost 2000 students. These accommodations are very popular and each Fall the demand generally exceeds availability. Application periods for specific semesters are opened online well in advance with applications for a Fall/Winter academic year usually open in October of the previous year. Prospective students who wish to live on campus are encouraged to apply as early as possible. You can apply to On-Campus Housing even before being formally accepted as a student to Memorial University. Every effort will be made to accommodate all students who apply, however certain buildings fill very quickly so applicants for a given building are often offered a bed space in a different building within our residences.

**PLEASE NOTE: Students must separately apply and pay the appropriate application fee for each living option that you choose for which you are eligible. There is no one general application for student residences. When students apply to the option(s) of their choice they will receive a letter confirming receipt of the application. Following this, an assessment will be made and if successful an offer of accommodation will be sent.

Living Community Options
- Paton College
- Macpherson College
- Burtons Pond Apartments
- Baltimore Court (Family housing only)

**PLEASE NOTE that application for January 2016 and acceptance into Paton College, Macpherson College, or Burtons Pond DOES NOT automatically guarantee you a bed space for either facility in September 2016. All students must apply separately and specifically for Fall 2016/Winter 2017.**

If you are interested in family housing please complete the following application form.

Admission and Readmission

We have a multiple priority process for admission and readmission to On-Campus Housing. All applicants must be at least 16 years of age before moving into our residences. While our residences are supervised by the Residence Life staff, Memorial University does not provide custodianship for any students.

Applicants enrolling in Memorial directly from secondary school (e.g. High School, etc.) are granted first priority on a first-come, first-served basis. All other enrolling students are granted second priority for accommodations.

Admission and readmission is also based on several factors, including responsible behaviour, your potential to positive contributions to the quality of student life, and the suitability of the residential environment.

Offer of Accommodations

Applicants who have been accepted to On-Campus Housing will be sent an Offer of Accommodations. Your Offer of Accommodations must be completed and returned to Housing, Food and Conference Services before the deadline stated on your Offer.


Your Offer of Accommodations must be accompanied by a deposit of $500. This deposit will be credited toward your residence fees. Failure to cancel your Offer of Accommodations before the indicated deadline will result in the forfeiture of your deposit.

The Accommodations Agreement

All students living on campus are required to accept our Occupancy Agreement, which is a legally binding agreement between Memorial University and our residents. The Agreement outlines the terms and conditions of occupancy, fees, food services, etc.

During the summer you will be sent a link with instructions on where and how to review and accept your Agreement.

We strongly recommend that you read the Accommodations Agreement carefully and familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions.

Accommodations Agreement 2016-2017


For more information, such as details about eligibility and priority, please visit our Application Information page.

Application Fees

A non-refundable application fee must accompany every application.

Fall & Winter semester Application Fee: $40
Winter semester only Application Fee: $20
Spring/Summer semester Application Fee: $20

The Application fee, made payable to Memorial University, can be paid by cash (in person only), cheque, money order, or credit card.

Application Forms

How to Apply

For family housing complete the following application form.

The application for On-Campus Housing is separate from the application to Memorial University.

Select the application period you wish to apply to from the drop-down box below and click "Go".  Please note that the application may take a few seconds to load. If you wish to apply to multiple communities, please be aware that a separate application is required for each community.

The semesters are as follows:
Fall & Winter (Sep - Dec, Jan - Apr), Winter (Jan - Apr)
Spring (May - Aug), Intersession (May - June), Summer (June - Aug)