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Frequently Asked Questions about Financial Charges

Why did I receive a financial charge from the Work Control Office?
In the Occupancy Agreement you signed when you moved into residence, you agreed to take responsibility for the university property (e.g. accommodations, furniture, furnishings, keys, etc.) assigned to you. If any of this property is lost, damaged, or excessively dirty while in your care and control, you will be charged for the necessary repairs and/or cleaning. These charges will include the cost of parts and labour.

What if I didn’t do it, or I don’t think I should have to pay for the replacement, repairs, or cleaning?
The Occupancy Agreement states that you are responsible for this property. Even if you personally didn’t do the damages, it is still your responsibility for keeping our property assigned to you in good and working condition, even if it is your guest(s) who damage it. You may appeal the charge if you believe that you should not be responsible for the replacement, repairs, or cleaning.

How can I appeal this Financial Charge?
All residents have the right to appeal financial charges levied by Housing, Food and Conference Services. Appeals of financial charges must be made in writing within thirty (30) days of notification of the charge and sent to the HFCS Appeals Committee ( at the main office in Hatcher House. More information about the appeals processes is available online [link] or from the Customer Relations Clerk at Housing, Food and Conference Services, Hatcher House.

What if I just don’t pay this amount?
The department of Housing, Food and Conference Services automatically posts all charges to your financial account, and it becomes a part of your bill with the university. If you do not pay your bill, you may not be able to register for courses, access your grades, get a transcript, or graduate. The university’s Cashier’s Office may eventually send an unpaid bill to a collections agency.