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Congratulations on making the decision to apply for a position with Memorial University's Residence Life Office for the 2015-2016 academic year. What follows is the information you will need regarding the application and selection process.


There are three stages in the selection process.

• First, an Initial Screening where a panel of current staff members will review each application and applicants grades.

• Second, a Group Interview where applicants will interact with other applicants in a series of team activities and exercises.

• Third, a Personal, Formal Interview with the Residence Coordinators and full time Residence Life Staff.


This is our first impression of you. Your application is reviewed by the Residence Life Supervisor and Residence Life Advisors and is your way of introducing yourself. The applications for positions are available online and from your Residence Coordinator. All applications are screened initially to see if students meet the minimum criteria and general application expectations for the position. Successfully screened applicants will move on to the group interview phase of the selection process.  Please note that applications may be screened out at this phase due to marks and/or significant conduct issues previously within residence.  Those applicants that are College of the North Atlantic students MUST attach a current transcript to their application upon submission.

APPLICATION DEADLINE - Friday, February 20, 2015 @ 11:59pm


STAGE 2: INTERVIEWS - Interviews will take place on the weekend of Saturday, February 28 and Sunday, March 1.

As an applicant, we encourage you to be aware of these dates and expect an interview to be scheduled around your class schedule as provided. If you are successful in the initial screening phase of the process, you will be expected to attend when you are scheduled during this period. Due to the large number of candidates for these positions, these will be the only dates that the interview will be offered. Candidates will be informed by email by Wednesday, February 25 by 5 pm, if they were successful in moving on to this stage. If you are successful in being offered and interview, you will be provided with two (2) interview times, one for the Group Interview and one for the Personal Interview.


During the interview, you will be placed in various pairs and groups with other candidates and will be observed by members of our Residence Life Staff as you engage in group problem solving and interaction exercises that focus on communication, counseling, leadership and teamwork.


The final part of the interview process is a 15-20 minute interview with an interview panel comprised of Residence Coordinators. This interview will give the Residence Coordinators an opportunity to speak with you in a one-on-one setting and get to know more about who you are.


It is important to demonstrate that you are a capable and competent applicant. The interview process is not designed to trick you, fool you, or upset you. The process is designed with your best interest in mind. If you are not invited to participate in the entire process, or if you are not offered a position, please do not be discouraged. It simply means that the fit between you and the position was not exactly right at this time. There will be many opportunities for leadership within residence for the 2015-2016 year, including but not limited to: residence council, residence activity and planning committee, charity committees, food committee, housing environmental committee, and much more! The process may look challenging and competitive, but the process is not overwhelming. Hopefully, this information, combined with the info session held will help to ease any concerns or worries you have.

Should you have any additional questions or require further information please feel free to call us at 709.864.7625, email or visit any of us.

Good luck, 

LoriLynn Rowsell

Manager, Residence Life

Dwayne Taverner

Supervisor, Residence Life

Travis Myers

Residence Life Advisor

Cory Flynn                       Christie Meadus         

Residence Life Advisor      Residence Life Advisor

Things to know when applying...

  • Applicants applying for an Resident Assistant position must maintain at least a 65% average.
  • Those applicants applying for an Academic Assistant position must maintain at least a 70% average.
  • In submitting your application for employment, you are authorizing Student Residences to access your university grades.
  • An application for a Student Staff position does not replace an application for Accommodations.
  • Applicants must have lived in residence at Memorial for at least two (2) semesters to be eligible for employment.
  • Only those students who have been offered a bed space in residence, or are currently living in residence will be considered.
  • Deadline for applications is Friday, February 20 @ 11:59pm 


Application Package




 A complete application package should include the following :


  • A completed Student Staff Application Form
  • A copy of your cover letter and your most recent CV/Resume
  • A copy of your current class schedule
  • Academic transcript - College of the North Atlantic applicants




Completed applications can be sent to:


Career Development and Experiential Learning via the web.  Detailed instructions are available in the application package.  Please upload your completed application package to JOB ID 34670


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