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What is RezEx?

Memorial University's Residence Life Experience (RezEx) is one of the largest events of the year! All the students living in Residence get to kick-off the year with a week of exciting, competitive, and educational activities and events. RezEx provides our residents with a great opportunity to break the ice, get involved, and make new and life-long friends. The focus of this week is to HAVE FUN! We promise that it will be a memorable experience! Make sure that you come out and work together to support your residence, and have an absolute blast at RezEx 2016! For more events and programming for all Memorial University's new students, check out Memorial University's Orientation web page.


Any resident that lives on campus . We encourage all of our residents to get involved.







September 4th - September 11th, 2016


Events are held at different venues throughout the St. John's Campus. Take the opportunity to explore your campus.


RezEx is designed to introduce our new residents to the academic, social, and cultural community in Residence. Participating in RezEx helps to ease the transition into the Residence community and sets a solid foundation for continual engagement and growth throughout your university career.