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Coughlan House

Co-ed House

Total Capacity: 88 Students

Single Bedrooms: 18

Double Bedrooms: 70

Coughlan House was one of three denominational student residences built and opened in the late 1960's on the north side of the Prince Philip Parkway. Originally known as Coughlan College, it was owned and operated by the United Church; the other two were Queen's College (Anglican Church) and St. John's College (Roman Catholic Church). Declining student demand in the early 1990s for on-campus housing resulted in the decision by the three denominations to close their residences and the buildings subsequently reverted to the university for it's own use. Coughlan continued to be maintained as a residence by the university on a more limited basis. Coughlan House is named after Lawrence Coughlan, the founder of Methodism in Newfoundland duri9ng the 1760s.

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