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You will be living in close proximity to several hundred other students, many who share your interests. You may even request to share an apartment with other individuals who share the same social and/or academic interests as you.

All university buildings, academic and otherwise, are within a ten-minute walk of Burton's Pond. A short walk to Paton College will allow you access to the tunnel system that connects most buildings on campus.

You will not have to worry about getting a bus or a taxi to campus. This cost can accumulate quickly over a term. Do you enjoy standing in the rain or snow waiting for your ride?

 A convenience store is directly across the street from Burton's Pond. A hospital is located on campus as is the Student Health Clinic.

The campus is centrally located with major shopping malls and the downtown core within walking distance or a short ride. Recreational facilities are available on campus or nearby, including: the Physical Education complex and the Aquarena, to name a few.

If you base your decision of where to live on the "bottom line", then Burton's Pond Apartments should be your choice. You only need to speak to some of our former residents who made Burton's Pond their "home away from home" for several years.