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On-Campus Housing

Living on campus at Memorial University is more than just a warm bed and a hot shower. Whether you are away from home for the first time, or a returning resident, you will find that living on campus provides a safe environment that promotes academic success and provides an abundance of social, recreational, and educational learning opportunities. Living on campus is a true learning experience!

Top 6 reasons to live on-campus

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Traditional Residence Halls - Paton College

Paton College consists of our nine traditional residence halls. Each of the nine Houses is home to approximately 100 students and provides a high level of support and guidance, which is best suited for students who are in their first year of studies, or away from home for the first time. 

MacPherson College

new residenceMacPherson College consists of two large wings, which will be home to 250 residents each. Life in MacPherson College will provide a higher level of independence and privacy than the Residence Halls, while still providing substantial guidance and support.

Apartment Style - Burton's Pond

Burton's Pond consists of our four apartment style residences. Each of the four Courts  is home to approximately 125 students and provides a high level of independence, which is best suited for older, more independent students.

Family Apartments

family aparmentsBaltimore Court, located adjacent to Burton's Pond, provides family accommodations for students with young children.



Residence Life Staff

Each residence is managed by staff of the Residence Life Office who provide support, guidance, and social, recreational, educational, and academic activities and programming for the residents.