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Information For Current Residents

Now that you are checked-in and are a current resident of On-Campus Housing, here are some things you need to know:

Your Email

We send important information to your email address. Keep checking it regularly.


Information on how to set up your wireless connection is here. If you have trouble setting it up, you can get help from our support staff in Coughlan 1036.

Your Accommodations Agreement

You have accepted the Accommodations Agreement. You should read it again.

Accommodations Agreement 2015-2016

The Housing Regulations

You have agreed to abide by the Housing Regulations, the Code of Student Conduct, the university's regulations, and the local law. You should know them.

The Accommodations Office

The Accommodations Office manages applications, room assignments, cancellations, financial charges, mail delivery, etc. You should always start by contacting, if you have questions about your accommodations.

** Please note that application for January 2016 and acceptance into Paton College, Macpherson College, or Burtons Pond DOES NOT automatically guarantee you a bed space for either facility in September 2016. All students must apply separately and specifically for Fall 2016.**

The Residence Life Office

The Residence Life staff are here to advise, guide, and support you, as well as deliver educational, recreational, and social programming. They are also responsible for ensuring that you abide by all those regulations. You should always start by contacting, if you have questions about life in residence, student services and supports, and being a student at Memorial.

The Work Control Office

The Work Control office is responsible for repairs, cleaning, maintenance, etc. You can submit a work order for repairs through your Resident Assistant, or by emailing You should always start by contacting, if you have questions about the maintenance of your accommodations.

Financial Charge

You can be financially charged for violations of the terms of the Agreement, including for damages, cleaning costs, and for breaking the Housing Regulations.


You have the right to appeal the financial charges posted by Housing, Food and Conference Services. More information about appeals is available here.

Your Record

The department of Housing, Food and Conference Services maintains a record about you. Your resident record contains all the information the department has collected, including any communications, forms, charges, and sanctions, etc. You can arrange to review your resident record by contacting the Residence Life Office at



Parking On Campus

**Please note that acceptance to Student Residences: Paton College, Macpherson Hall, or Burtons Pond, does not automatically include a parking space**
Please be advised that information regarding parking availability, process, and instructions has been emailed directly to each student living in Student Residences. Note that parking space is very restricted on the St. John’s campus. For recent university wide information on parking, please check for current and ongoing updates.

Your Privacy

The department of Housing, Food and Conference Services does not share the information contained in your resident record with anyone outside the university. You can give the department permission to share this information with other people by completing a Permission to Release Information form, which is available at the department's general office or from the Residence Life Office.