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Conference Management

Our full service conference office can manage all or any part of your event. With years of experience managing large scale national/international events and smaller conferences and workshops our office can manage an event anywhere in the world.
Ensuring a successful event within a set budget is a major concern. The expertise of Conference Services at Memorial can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a fee as low as $25.00 per attendee. You will find Memorial University’s conference staff to be thoughtful and responsive to your every need, from the first day of planning your event until it is complete. It is our goal to make your event pleasurable, stress free and successful.

For a complete overview of our services please see Conference Management Services. Our office can function as your secretariat offering full management support or provide services in selected areas. You pick and choose which options best suit your needs. Once contracted, we will meet you at the door and be with you every step of the way.
Call or email us to arrange a meeting to discuss organizing all or any portion of your event.

To Discuss Conference Management:

Mary Garnier
Phone: 709 864 7922

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