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Faculty and staff

Head of Department

Buffinga, Dr. J.O., B.A. (Hons), M.A. Western Ontario, Ph.D. British Columbia.


Durrant, Dr. J.S., B.A. Western Ontario, M.A. Toronto, Ph.D. London

Snook, Dr. J.M., B.A (Hons) Toronto, M.A. Queen's, Ph.D. Waterloo, A.R.C.T. Toronto

Associate Professor

Warkentin, Dr. Erwin J., B.A. (Hons) Winnipeg, M.A., Ph.D. Alberta, Associate Professor

Dyer, Dr. J., B.A.(Hons) Trent University, M.A. Western Ontario, Ph.D. Amsterdam

Assistant Professor

Brookes, Dr. A. , B.A. Toronto, M.Phil., Yale, Ph.D. Yale

Mayr, Dr. M. , M.A. Western Ontario, Ph.D. Western Ontario

P.A.D. [2014-2015]

Siegel, M., Technische Universität Braunschweig

Per Course Appointments

Devai, T., B.A., B.Ed. University of Pécs, Hungary

Kelly, A., M.A. Royal Roads University

Lord, K., M.Phil. Memorial University of Newfoundland

Thorburn, E., M.A. University of Western Ontario

Webber, J., M.A. Memorial University of Newfoundland

Administrative Secretary

Evans-Hong, Beverly.