German Help Centre

German Tutoring / Conversation / Library
Fall 2007
The German Department offers a Help Centre in SN 3062 for all students enrolled in German courses. Whenever courses are not scheduled, the Centre is "OPEN" to German students to study and use the resources available (dictionaries, computers, books, etc.). Free tutoring is also offered at the times listed below. When a class is in session, tutors will meet with students at the desk outside the room. Conversation hours provided by our exchange teacher from Germany are also posted below.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00-9:50 R3010 Open R3010 Open R3010
10:00-10:50 G3912
Tutoring (SD)
Open G3912
Tutoring (SD)
Tutoring (SD) G3912
Tutoring (SD)
11:00-11:50 G3010 Tutoring (SD) G3010 Tutoring (SD) G3010
12:00-12:50 Open Tutoring (SD)
Conversation Beginner
Tutoring (LS) Conversation Intermediate Tutoring (LS)
1:00-1:50 Open Open Tutoring (LS) Open Open
2:00-2:50 Open Open Tutoring (LS) Open Tutoring (SD)
3:00-3:50 Tutoring (JM) Tutoring (JM) and (LS) Tutoring (JM) Tutoring (JM) and (LS) Tutoring (JM)
4:00-4:50> Tutoring (JM) Tutoring (JM) and (LS) Tutoring (JM) Tutoring (JM) and (LS) Tutoring (JM)
5:00-5:50 Tutoring (SD)
6:00-6:50 Tutoring (SD)
LS - Lynsey Soper (Beginner)
SD - Stacey Dawe (Beginner)
JM - Jonathan Moore (Intermediate)
Robert Hausotte