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General information

At Memorial, geographers learn to investigate environmental systems from human and physical perspectives. The integrated nature and spatial organization of our world are key themes in geography. The undergraduate program is designed for students to learn theories, methods and analytical techniques applicable to a wide range of questions and broad spectrum of occupations.

A set of core courses at first- and second-year levels provides students with the breadth of knowledge essential for the practice of geography. Students who major in geography develop their interests and enrich their backgrounds by selecting specialized third-and fourth-year level courses in fields such as physical geography, economic geography, resource management, cultural geography, cartography, geographic information systems or remote sensing.

The undergraduate programs in geography are:

  • Major (BA or BSc)
  • Minor
  • Honours (BA or BSc)
  • Focus (for BEd)
  • GISciences Diploma
  • Joint Majors (BA or BSc)
  • Joint Honours (BA or BSc)

Geography Department graduates