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GISciences Diploma

The Diploma in Geographic Information Sciences (GISciences) consists of 30 credit hours in Geography and in Computer Sciences courses including:
  • CS 1710: Object-Oriented Programming I
  • GEOG 2195: Introduction to Geographic Information Sciences
  • GEOG 3202: Introduction to Cartography
  • GEOG 3250: Introduction to Remote Sensing
  • GEOG 3260: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
  • GEOG 4202: Advanced Cartography
  • GEOG 4250: Environmental Image Analysis
  • GEOG 4261: Advanced Methods in Geographic Information Systems
  • GEOG 4290: Geographic Information Sciences Practicum
  • GEOG 4919: Integrative Practicum in Geographic Information Sciences


More details on the program are presented on the GISciences Diploma website.