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Geography links


This page includes geography-related web sites classified under the following headings:

Careers in Geography
Post Secondary Students
K-12 and High School Students
Educators (Canadian organizations)
Educators (International organizations)

Careers in Geography

These sites present information on careers in a variety of disciplines related to geography and provides links to several other sites:
Organization: American Association of Geographers
Organization: Department of Geography, Oklahoma State University
Post Secondary Students
Organization: Houghton Mifflin; Includes current events, geonet, discussion in forums, and numerous links.
Organization: Royal Canadian Geographic Society; This site includes a list of recent geographical publications and maps.

K-12 and High School Students
A series of educational links for physical geographers.
Includes a free newsletter subscription, a geography bulletin board and a chat line.
Organization: Curriculum Adventures; Created specifically for K-12 education, this site promotes exploration and adventure and links geography to human society.
Organization: Mid-Continent Research for Educaton and Learning; Provides information on a variety of places in the World.
Organization: National Geography Society; Great kids network! Features include a cartoon factory, endangered species section, a penpal network and amazing fact quizzes!!!!
Organization: The Geography site; Offers links for K-12 students, featuring links related to conservation, field work, and environmental studies. Lists resources available to aid in studying geography.

Educators (Canadian organizations)

Organization: Canadian Association of Geographers
Organization: Canadian Council for Geographic Education; Includes lesson guides, teaching aids and research expeditions.
Organization: The Geography Educators World; A major collaborative effort with geography educators, social studies teachers and agencies in Canada. This site links with schools to promote teaching geography and is frequently updated. Includes software and curriculum, Canadian schools on the web, Canadian communities atlas links, lesson plans, class activities, and even lists libraries and newspapers! The Geography Educator World won best educational site in 1996!
Organization: Natural Resources Canada; Includes geographic information network, resources for students and teachers, and is in partnership with the Teachers Advisory Group.
Organization: Canadian Geographic magazine
Organization: Canada's School Net. This site brings students and teachers together.
Organization: Educational Networking in Newfoundland and Labrador. Offers school homepages and a resource center.
Do you want to know the origin of any geographic name in Canada? Look here....

Educators (International organizations)
Organization: National Geographic Society; Promotes teaching of geography in schools, lists opportunities for teachers and resources available for them. Includes atlases, forums, and geographic standards.
Organization: Global School Net Foundation. Geo Game - an interactive game aimed at students, parents, and teachers. Kids links provide access to features including contests, kids chronicles and an ambassador program. The teachers link provides access to materials including registered projects, contests and competitions, and video conferencing.
Organization: National Council for Geographic Education; Concerned with geography resources for teachers. Information pertains to education at all levels.
Organization: United States Geological Survey; A listing of educational resources such as instructions to work with maps, using map libraries.