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Fort Townshend

Fort Towshend in 1783

Virtually re-built: Creating a virtual reality model of Fort Townshend

Under contract to the Heritage Corporation of Newfoundland and Labrador the geographic information sciences laboratory at Memorial University, Newfoundland undertook the task of creating an exhibit that would allow visitors to see Fort Townshend in a new way. The proposal was to create a set of animations showing the fort at several stages of development and decline, with the city represented in less detail to provide context to the scenes.
In order to create the fly through animations virtual reality models were built for each of the time periods and then sequences of images were rendered from these scenes to create animation frames that could be used to create videos. The virtual reality scenes were designed in Visual Nature 2 using inputs from other software including ESRI ArcMap for spatial data and Rhinoceros 2 for 3D objects such as buildings and ships.
The result of this project will be a set of videos with a graphical user interface that will allow visitors to browse and play the available videos displayed on a large format screen in The Rooms. The resulting scenes can also be used in the future to allow the rapid production of new animations based on new requirements.

Project team

Researcher:  Dr Alvin Simms